Three-Story House with Basement

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Three-Story House with Basement

DateMarch 2020
LocationRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
ClientWaleed Al. Sh.

Project Details

Three-story with basement residential villa with the structural design composed of reinforced concrete footings, basement retaining walls, columns, beams, stairs and a ribbed slab system.


Structural calculations including loading analysis such as wind, seismic, dead, and live loads. Structural analysis and design of all structural components such as foundation, retaining walls, floor slabs, beams, columns, and stairs. Complete structural plans such as foundation plan, floor framing plan, roof framing plan, structural details, schedule of beams & columns, general structural notes and material specifications. Structural BOQ such are bar bending schedule and concrete takeoff.
MEP calculations including HVAC, drainage, water supply, power, and voltage drop. Equipment selections based on different types of applications and selection of convenient electromechanical systems. Riser diagrams for all trades and SLD (single line diagram). BOQ and technical specifications and general installation details.