Three-Story Commercial Building

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Three-Story Commercial Building

DateJanuary 2020
LocationIrqah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
ClientRakan A.


Structural calculations including loading analysis such as wind, seismic, dead, and live loads. Structural analysis and design of all structural components such as foundation, floor slabs, beams, columns, stairs, walls, underground tank, etc. and to provide complete structural plans such as foundation plan, floor framing plan, roof framing plan, structural details, schedule of beams & columns, general structural notes, and material specifications.

Project Detail

3-floor level Reinforced Concrete Moment Resisting Frame luxury commercial building with the top deck having 3.2m cantilevered pergolas. The structure has a maximum bay span of 9 meters and a floor height of 6.5m with an internal reinforced concrete shearwall at the elevator core. The structure was designed to sustain a maximum wind speed of 166 kph and is seismic-resistant according to the maximum recorded local seismic activities which conform to the Saudi Building Code as well as international code.